Social cognition

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Social cognition. Development Across the Life Span. Livre édité par Jessica A. Sommerville et Jean Decety. Routledge 2017.

Gros livre sur tous les aspects de la cognition animale avec un chapitre sur l'agression et le comportement de secours chez les fourmis
- Nowbahari, E., A. Lenoir and K. L. Hollis (2017). Prosocial behavior and interindividual recognition in ant. From aggressive colony defense to rescue behavior. Social cognition. J. Sommerville and J. Decety, Psychology Press, Taylor group: p.3-25. Pdf

Table of Contents
Part 1: Change and Continuity in Social Cognition: Cross-Species Aspects of Social Cognition and Behavior 1. Prosocial Behavior and Interindividual Recognition In Ants: From Aggressive Colony Defense To Rescue Behavior Elise Nowbahari, Alain Lenoir and Karen L Hollis 2. A Comparative Perspective on Helping and Fairness Katherine A. Cronin and Lydia M. Hopper 3. Social Cognition in Animals Robert M. Seyfarth and Dorothy L. Cheney Part 2: Change and Continuity in Social Cognition Across the Lifespan: Starting States and the Role of Experience 4. Empathy Development throughout the Lifespan Florina Uzefovsky Florina and Ariel Knafo-Noam 5. Drivers of Social Cognitive Development in Human and Non-Human Primate Infants Sarah A. Gerson, Elizabeth A. Simpson, Annika Paukner 6. Moral Development: Conflicts and Compromises Marine Buon, Marianne Habib and Darren Frey 7. How Young Children Come to View Harming Others as Wrong: A Developmental Analysis of Research from Western Communities Audun Dahl and Gabriella F. Freda Part 3.:Change and Continuity in Social Cognition across the Lifespan: Social Cognition and Social Learning in Childhood 8. Dopamine and Theory of Mind in Preschoolers Mark A. Sabbagh 9. Using MRI to Study Developmental Change In Theory Of Mind Hilary Richardson and Rebecca Saxe 10. Young Children’s Flexible Social Cognition and Sensitivity to Context Facilitates Their Learning Christopher Vrendenburgh, Yue Yu, and Tamar Kushnir Part 4: Change and Continuity in Social Cognition across the Lifespan: Social Cognition and Social Behavior 11. Lifespan Developmental Changes in the Neural Underpinnings of Empathy Yawei Cheng 12. Decomposing False-Belief Performance Across the Lifespan Alisha Coolin, Ashley L. Fischer, Andre Aßfalg, Wendy Loken Thornton, Jessica A. Sommerville, and Daniel M. Bernstein 13. Multidisciplinary Perspective on Prosociality in Aging Natalie C. Ebner, Phoebe E. Bailey, Marilyn Horta, Jessica A. Joiner, and Steve W. C. Chang